Privacy Policy

Release of Directory Information

The College may make accessible to certain persons, businesses, and organizations external to the College certain directory information concerning a student, unless that student notifies the Office of Admissions and Records that he/she objects to the release of such information. Directory information is considered to be public in nature and will be released at any time upon request without prior
approval from the student.

Directory information will be available to parents, spouses, legal guardians, electronic and print media, legislators, high schools, institutions of higher education, potential employers, civic organizations, and other legitimate groups and individuals as determined by the College, unless the student files with the Office of Admissions and Records a written request to restrict release of student directory information to external sources.

Directory information may include the following: student name, student local and home address and telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, current term hours carried, classification (freshman, sophomore, etc.), major, dates of attendance, degrees and honors earned and dates, the most previous education agency or institution attended, participation in officially recognized activities or
sports, and height and weight, as well as pictures of members of athletic teams or students participating in academic or extracurricular activities at John A. Logan College.