About Us

About Us

Located in the southernmost part of Illinois, John A. Logan College serves four of the counties that make up the 16 county upper Illinois Mississippi Delta Region.  These counties are located approximately 30 miles north of the confluence of the great Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.  Drawing students from across the four county- district and beyond, JALC works diligently to provide students with opportunities to develop learning abilities that will last a lifetime.  JALC has grown accustomed to providing services and programs to enhance students and community members learning experiences.

In 1967, John A. Logan College (JALC) was created by a public mandate under the authority of the Illinois Community College Act of 1965. John A. Logan welcomed its first charter class in 1968 and has continued to grow.  In the fall of 2012, JALC enrolled a total of 14,960 students.

The College is named for General John A. Logan (1826-1886) who lived the early part of his life in what is now the JALC district before becoming a U.S. Senator and vice presidential candidate,  in 1884.  Logan played a pivotal part establishing Memorial Day and was a strong advocate for public education. 
JALC serves the district through its main campus and satellite locations.  The District covers Williamson and Jackson Counties, and parts of Franklin, Perry and Randolph Counties. The low tuition rate and open admissions policy draw students from within the district's 11 high schools, as well as out of district, out of State and internationally.  JALC has held true to its pursuit of providing high quality education for the residents of southern Illinois and recognizes the importance of reaching beyond the walls of its facilities to create accessible educational programs for all residents in the communities it serves.

JALC is governed by a locally elected Board of Trustees and by the College's President and, Vice Presidents for admission, business and instruction.  The Board of Directors is responsible for maintaining strategic oversight to ensure organizational sustainability and overall fiduciary responsibility for JALC's operating budget.  Logan is as committed to quality education today as when its doors first opened in 1968 and is guided by its Mission Statement, which reflects the purpose of the institution as envisioned by its Board of Directors and Officers of the College: “We are a diverse learning and teaching community committed to improving individual life and society through high-quality, accessible educational programs and engaged learning opportunities.”